Kentucky Coffeetree

I found out that Kentucky Coffee Trees really aren’t from Kentucky. they are actually native to Iowa. they have brown seed pods and their seeds look like brown rocks. I looked through a book  but this tree was not in it so i switched to sweet search and found it on the Iowa State Forestry website. here is what the pods look like.

Photo by Denise Krebs


3 thoughts on “Kentucky Coffeetree

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  2. Hello Sierra,

    Thank you for your information. I was wondering why a Kentucky coffee tree was being called an Iowan native plant. The pods are interesting but it had me wondering, if it is a coffee tree, can the beans be roasted and used as coffee?

    We have a type of tree known as a tea tree. From what I have found, the early English explorer, Captain James Cook, used the leaves to make a tea-like drink. This gave it its name. These days it is used to extract tea tree oil, an oil said to help fight infection.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • actually they were used for coffee in times of poverty, but can be poisonous in large amounts. on an Iowa State Forestry website, it says that the tree is grown widely across Iowa. our teacher found them while she was camping near Sioux City, IA. the tree also grows in Nebraska and Kansas.

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