Nunavut, Canada

Yesterday, we did a Skype call with Mrs. Pemik from Nunavut. It was about -25°C. We learned that it is pronounced noo-nuh-voot not non-of-it. I thought it was cool that they can go polar bear hunting and that their transportation is a lot different than ours. To get to a different town, you have to fly because there isn’t any roads, but in the summer you can boat to other towns. Also, they have cars and four wheelers to get around the towns. The winter lasts from late October to early June and the warmest it gets in the summer is about 75°F.

Most people in Nunavut live around the Hudson Bay. 85% of Nunavut’s population is Inuit. It is also the most northern territory in Canada. Nunavut means “Our Land” in Inuktitut, the Inuit language. It also covers 1/3 of Canada and the Mountain, Eastern, and Central time zones.

The capital, Iqulit, is also the largest town with a population of 7,000. The second largest town, Arviat, has about 2,600 in population. The total population of Nunavut is about 37,000. Nunavut has no trees and has an Arctic climate.

I think it would be cool to go to Nunavut because of how different it is from Iowa. I would also like to go polar bear hunting and see their land and all their transportation types for myself.




















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